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About Us:

RITeVidhya has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to students, unlike traditional chalk and board method of teaching. RITeVidhya enables HSC learning simpler, easier, and more effective. The students can learn through our self-examine program and e-learning platform and score great marks by unraveling the test-tutorials. Our guarantee stays same to enable every student to exceed expectations in the board exams. With a team of dedicated teachers and counselors we are trying to make students stress-free so that the students can confidently appear for the Exams and score good marks. RITeVIDHYA gives a total answer for scholastic achievement.

RITeVidya also saves lot of time as a student does not need to travel tuitions.

RITeVidya is also an ecofriendly way of learning as it protects the environment saving lots.

Our Exclusive Partner
Regulus IT

Regulus is a Pune based Indian Software Company with the primary focus on delivering timely quality output. We have concentrated mainly on development with Microsoft Technologies. We have total 15+ years of collective experience in developing softwares for US, UK, Canadian, French, Japanese and Indian clients. Regulus IT help clients to move their services and products up the value chain and create a unique experience for their customers. Services by Regulus IT help consolidate customers, distributors and partners using Web-enabled processes and thereby transform key processes within an organization.

Our Knowledge Partner

DigiBharati aims to work towards creating awareness of the benefits of ICT and ITES – of digitization, in short – to India’s educational sector. DigiBharati will focus on schools and higher education as well as on skilling India.

DigiBharati will enable and encourage all stakeholders in education to explore and adopt new technologies and modern methods of teaching, learning, managing, and administering education through digital means.

Our Academic Partner
S.P. College

Sir Parashurambhau College (S. P. College) is one of the most prestigious colleges in Pune, India. Since the foundation of the college in 1916, it has aspired to provide an all-round education to students.

S. P. College offer Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate programs in Arts, Science and Commerce.

Our Technology Partner
Infinity Labs

Infinity Labs is a Technology Consulting & Software Solutions Company. Providing expert IT services in the areas of Automation, Network Design & Deployment, IT Security, Data Center Management, Cloud computing, Virtualization, Linux & Systems Development. Infinity Labs offer service which assures clients of an informed, educated and independent overview of the IT Networking Industry.

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